Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lights go down in the moment we're lost and found

Everyone has an obsession. I'm not quite sure what's mine.

I want to feel furious, but I don't know why - even that particular incident, can't make me furious anymore. I'm probably too numb for my own good. Or maybe I'm afraid of myself.

The breeze sweeps my heart and musings into a pile of clutter - never to be bothered.

Don't be sorry when a door which has always been open to you, closes one day. This one's for you.

Under a trillion stars
We danced on top of cars
Took pictures of the stage
So far from where we are
They made me think of you
They made me think of you

I'm in a foreign state
My thoughts they slept away
My words are leaving me
They caught an aeroplane
Because I thought of you
Just from the thought of you

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Photo credits: WJ

Visionaries inspire so much through quotes. They make you see beyond the horizons of your stagnant mind - opening up possibilities and bridging gaps. They allow the mind to wander to a place out of the ordinary, finding outlets to extend limitless dreams. 

Sometimes, evil takes over and changes a person into someone polar opposite of what they were, consuming the old them - but all of it is just a phase.

Just a phase.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

0 | 35

Sippin' on blue earl grey tea at 3am because a sweet friend of mine was nice enough to give me a little container (pic taken after I've used some) of it when I was at their place sniffing the sweet-flowery scented tea leaves like a druggie (haha not to worry I'm clean) about a month and a half ago? And since I've been pushing off to try it, I should do it before I go.

These 3-4 months made me realize I've got some of the sweetest friends, even in the shortest amount of time. And today especially, made me think... 

I took some time to meet a couple of friends whom I've met from various places - from school, college and uni. True enough, as you grow older, you tend to let bygones be bygones. These are the people who were there in the best and the worst of your times. Push whatever conflicts aside, you'll find yourself being so vulnerable with sharing your stories with them. No matter how long time has distance you apart, the spark to have a conversation with them when you meet is lighted in an instant. Though the process of knowing them takes patience, at least you know that it's moulding the bond between both parties.

Forgiveness, acceptance and vulnerability are some things I've learnt in this duration of time. How to truly overcome and (partly) move on from the negativity of life. And to let others in, because being in my comfort zone for long won't do me any form of favours.

I like being here - I'm exploring the city so much as opposed to KL. There's much more to discover, to find myself and where I belong. I'm beginning to feel at the prime of my time (okay, maybe not too much), growing up and finding that peace I long for. This is exactly how I wanna live - to show that I'm capable of things, to achieve things I've always wanted to, to have stories and memories to tell, ones that I hold dear.

It may be an ugly world at times, but nothing like unexpected long hugs from the people you care about and won't be seeing for a while, laughing at random stupid remarks at a restaurant until the people at the next table looks in your direction and deep conversations learning about another's life can't solve.

I've not been homesick ever since I came here; that's a good thing, no? I think that's the sign that I'm surrounded with loving people who I'll cherish.

Till then.

PS: I MISS WRITING STUFFIES LIKE THIS. Coupled with a limited amount of vocabulary that can possibly be expanded if I get my arse back to reading, and some miss and hits of grammar to touch up on, I'll document these little stories so I can read them the next time I feel nostalgic.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

17 | 35

@ Chuckle Park.

I wonder if we'll meet again
Talking about life since then
Talk about why did it end

Thursday, April 25, 2013

...and into the next.

Maybe I'd wanna try something new like start having coffee in this city. In a quaint corner of the city on a lovely quiet afternoon. It can drizzle a little, so my ears will perk up to listen to the pitter-pattering of the rain. I'd take long walks in parks, do silly things, run around while I'm still able to, live the life I will soon grow to miss...

Build a sandcastle and watch the sunset... While being wrapped in the arms of a beloved. Have deep conversations, cry when I'm broken and laugh the night away to contain whatever sorrow.

I want to take photographs of pretty places, capture everything I can to be kept as memories. I want to be in frames with people who mean a lot to me. People who knows me inside out. People who have grown to love and accept the person I am today.

I'll look back at these pictures with a smile and maybe tear a little if I want. Because these are the things and people I can't have to myself all my life. They would want to explore the world and be free as well. But they have walked into my life, left footprints there, for a reason. An impact. Or merely just a distant memory to recall.

So that's what I'm gonna do.

Do the things I have always wanted to do, say things that I have utter, fall hopelessly in love and hopefully it'll turn out to be a love story to my kids. =)

Day #62 here.